Delays and Changes

This an unfortunate first blog post to be writing, but it's an important one!

After a lot of thought and frustration, I've decided once more to postpone the beginning of my unicycle trip for a couple of weeks. Of all the Aprils I could have picked as my start, this year's is one of the worst in terms of weather. With winter hanging in so long in the interior of BC and in the Rockies, I'm forced to wait a while longer until I can start riding. I'm disappointed that I'm not on the road yet - partly it feels like a letdown to y'all following my trip and those who have contributed so much effort to get me riding already - but I'd much rather postpone things for a few weeks than be stubborn and end up on dangerous roads or in an exposure situation. 

That being said, stay tuned for the (finally) actual beginning of my ride! I'm now aiming to be on the road at the beginning of May. All my plans are still moving ahead, everything is in place and I'm geared up, we're just shifting the timeline back a few weeks. In the meantime, I'm heading down to Utah for two weeks to get some sun and mountain unicycling in. 

Keep an eye open for further updates!